Easy as Eins, Zwei, Drei

      Snow pouring from the sky yet again was bringing on an alpine vibe. I was feeling like a true housefrau, stuck inside the chalet with my Hummel figurines and Wagner CDs. For lunch, it seemed only appropriate I whip up a little Deutschland-esque fare. After a quick inspection of my Old Food […]

Snow Day Apple Pie

My coping strategies for yet another snow day–this one coated in ice–are almost depleted. I’ve done puzzles, read several books and caught up with all the wash and my e-mail.  Naturally, I fled to the kitchen.  It was time for pie. Apple pie, in particular. I needed comfort. I wanted cinnamon-spiced air to envelope me. […]

Diner Delights at Home

Chicken croquettes = diner food, agree? After today’s 1948 Old Food Cooking lab–inspired by a booklet from Planter’s Peanut Oil– I’m bringing them off the interstate. From now on these croquettes will be my new go-to recipe for leftover chicken or turkey. The results bettered any croquette I’ve consumed in a diner locally, and that’s […]

Six Degrees of Desperation

That’s six degrees of heat, as in Fahrenheit–the temperature outside my dining room window. The one that looks out on the arctic landscape that is Pennsylvania these last two days.  Yes, these are dark, drafty, desperate times. Can you think of a better reason to crank up the oven to 425? I planned on sharing […]

Tossie Time

If you like gooey combined with slightly chewy all inside a tiny nest of flaky pastry, you must learn the way of the pecan tossie. Or tassie.  I acknowledge both spellings and pronunciations that refer to this Christmas cookie-pecan pie hybrid that has become my holiday cookie superstar. It claims the middle of the cookie […]

Happy National Indian Pudding Day

Aw, you didn’t get your cards out? No worries. There’s always next year. But you can still have your pudding if you’ve got a well-stocked pantry, a quart of milk in the fridge, and a block of time this afternoon to mix it up and throw it in the oven. If it’s the first time […]